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AKADA Industries Co.Ltd is a thick gauge sheet metal processing and machining shop, and manufacturer of high-quality vacuum chambers and related equipment. Our 40 member team is dedicated to providing you with the best products possible.


Through years of bidding on contracts and designing custom tanks and chambers, AKADA has tried to simplify the process for our customers, and create our own brand-name products.


For the convenience of our customers, AKADA has developed several standard models of vacuum chambers that can be modified to our customers' needs, rather than designing each one from scratch. Our AKADA-brand semi-custom order products will save your design and manufacturing time.


Of course, we still manufacture fully-custom vacuum chambers, and are currently developing complete vacuum systems as well.

  • Easily Customizable
  • You can freely and easily customize our standard products with a variety of options.
  • Fast Production
  • From design to production, we deliver products faster than our competitors.
  • Order Flexibility
  • We can fill orders from one unit and up.
  • Quick and Reliable Estimates
  • Our prices and estimates for our standard products are easily obtained from our website.


    • AKADA's core specialities
    • Over the years we have produced vacuum chambers and vacuum equipment of all sizes and shapes. From simple to complex we have produced products for manufacturers, R&D labs, and academic facilities around Japan.
    • Craftsmanship
    • Our skilled craftsmen and dedicated technicians provide the highest quality vacuum equipment for our customers. We are continually improving our processes and procedures, and updating our training of technicians to improve quality. Through OEM machining and processing thick gauge sheet metal components.-We are the IRON CHEF of vacuum chamber manufacturing!

    Therefore, our semi-custom orders have the following special features.

            • Reduce your design time ....We can do In-house CAD for your project and eliminate your design time.
            • Get your product faster .... Our production and testing time are shorter than our competitors.
            • Products require less parts .... Our comprehensive designs reduce the number of parts.
            • Quick and Reliable estimates .... Our online price and estimate function is easy, quick, and reliable.

    Please contact us for semi-custom or fully-custom orders.