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【Features of semi-custom order type frame】

  • There is no need for frame design.
  • Significantly reduced time for product development.
  • Reduce the number of parts purchased (by purchasing a set of frames).
  • High rigidity, high precision frame.
  • Instant estimate on the web, short production and delivery time.


【Application for semi-custom order type frame】

  • Base frames for semiconductor, liquid crystal and solar cell panel manufacturing equipment.
  • Base frames for various industrial equipment.
  • Base frames for various dedicated machines.

【Specifications of semi-custom order type frame】

  • Frame: The material is STKR • SUS304 square pipe material.
  • The frame is manufactured by high quality welding and high precision machining.
  • The height variance of the top block is less than 0.05mm
  • It is possible to bake and paint in your designated color.
  • The adjuster caster is equipped with a frame as standard.
  • We also accept orders from just one unit.
  • We will deliver in about 14 days from the date of order.

We have prepared six frequently used types.

frametype0102EN.gif frametype0304EN.gif frametype0506EN.gif




  • Various covers
  • Bottom plate
  • Middle board

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