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I have never heard of AKADA Industries Co. Ltd. Do you do sell online?

Although we are a small-scale processing shop with less than 50 people, we manufacture many vacuum chambers, vacuum tanks, mounts, frames, bases and other equipment on demand. In order to better meet the needs of our customers, we had the idea to create semi-customizable vacuum tanks, which we now specialize in. We confidently and consistently do our own in-house designing, manufacturing, and sales. In addition, we have a high returning customer rate, with many of them pleased with the convenience of our products. Please refer to the delivery times for our semi-order products.

How is your Q.C.D.?

Our quality is the result of our long experience with versatile chamber production processes, as well as our standard use of CAE structural analysis. As for leak testing, we carry out various non-destructive inspections (penetration flaw detection, helium leak, etc) before we ship your product.
In terms of pricing, our quick and reliable estimate form is one of our best features. Depending on the product, you can get an automatic quote simply by entering your desired specifications on our online estimate form. This eliminates price variations that sometimes happen when estimates are carried out by individual people.
Our delivery times are also short, especially for single orders. We have a stock of standard materials and parts, but not stock products. We make each product to order. Please refer to each page of the vacuum tank for the order procedure. Most orders will be fabricated and shipped to customers in Japan within 5 to 8 days, although our shortest turnover time has been 3 days.

How can I pay? I can't open a new account.

For customers in Japan, we will provide a receipt by the 20th of the month after the order is filled and received. Please make your payment by the 20th of the following month,
Also for customers who have difficulty opening a new account, you can place your order though a trading company. The quotations we provide to our customers and the trading companies are the same, so there will be no discrepancies in price. We currently handle many orders though trading companies.

I don't know much about vacuum tanks and I can't draw a design, can you help me?

Certainly. Our semi-order products are characterized by their convenience. All you have to do is simply select the required dimensions, and we will do the rest, from design to fabrication. In addition, technical matters will be discussed by email or telephone as much as possible by our staff. We can also visit our customers in Japan to discuss designs and details.
Please feel free to contact us. After we receive your order, we will submit an approval chart, and it can be used to help you with your designs.

I want to use a vacuum chamber for university research, but I want it to match my existing equipment. Can you meet with my students to remodel the equipment?

Our vacuum chambers are utilized by many universities and research institutes, Oftentimes there are no completed designs and only some rough outlines and sketches. If you can have your students help with the design, the quicker the process will be for us and this can reduce time and costs for you. We will do our best to respond to your circumstances and provide technical support. As we are a manufacturer and not a trading company, we can directly help you reduce costs.

Can I attach special parts to semi-custom order products? Can you make special changes to these parts?

Most of our production concerns processing our customers' designs, whether they require a single vacuum tank or several vacuum chambers. We are usually able to handle special specifications, additions, and changes to semi-order products. In particular, when discussing plans with our designers, we can make recommendations that can reduce costs for you.

How are tanks checked for leaks?

We perform several tests. We perform a color check during the welding process, and then submerge the tank for either a bubble test or a helium test as our pre-shipment inspection.

What are the thresholds for your vacuum leak tests?

In the leak tests, we test from 1 pa/sec to 0.01 pa/sec.

How long will my order take to fabricate and deliver?

For most orders in Japan, you can expect to get your tank within 5 to 8 days, depending on the complexity of the design and the availability of the parts. If we require parts not in stock, it may take a little longer. The shortest turnaround time from order to delivery has been 3 days. We will discuss delivery times when making your estimate.

Do you have options for parts?

We have several standardized options that can be attached to our tanks: NW flanges, sockets, gauge ports, leak ports, and viewing windows. We can also handle the installation of specific parts.

Can you do additional processing after delivery?

We would like you to use our products for their usable life span, and we understand that some designs may require modification after delivery, so we offer additional processing. In some cases, the product may need to be remodeled, or may need to be adapted for other machines. In those cases, additional processing charges will occur.

Do you ship by courier?

In order to receive orders from all over Japan, we usually use a courier service. The fee will be submitted at the time of the estimate. As for packing, we reduce waste by packing our products in a special reusable return box. When returning, please use the enclosed delivery slip.

Is it possible to try out a sample product?

We have some sample products that have been prototyped, and we sometimes lend them out to customers for a trial period. Please note that we only have a limited range of sizes and sample models.

Can you provide a frame to mount and fix the vacuum tank?

We also deal with frames and mounts for many semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment. Frames and mounts for securing vacuum chambers and tanks can be delivered as a set. Please consider a semi-order type frame for simple and single items.