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Company name AKADA Industries Co., Ltd.
CEO Yasufumi Akada
Counselor Tomiko Akada
Number of employees 49 people as of April 2021
・Company: 45 people
・Trainee: 4 people (From Indonesia: 2 people / From Vietnam: 2 people)
Location 6108-75 Aisome Kitaazumi-gun, Ikeda-machi, Nagano 399-8602, Japan
TEL: +81-261-62-2235 FAX: +81-261-62-9071
Date of establishment August 11, 1964
Capital 10 million yen
Factory site 25,000 m2
Bank Hachijuni Bank Ikeda Branch / Matsumoto Shinkin Bank Ikeda Branch
Factory equipment Automatic daylighting system (100 units) floor heating (all plants)
Processing content Metal processing ... parts processing, can processing, large processing
Machining ... NC lathe processing, machining processing, grinding processing, milling processing
Sheet metal processing ... welding processing, laser processing, sheet metal processing, bending
Surface processing ... painting, plating, annealing, shot brass
Product Manufacture of various labor-saving machines, dedicated machines, automatic machines Manufacture of vacuum chambers and pressure-proof containers Manufacture of semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment Manufacture of hydraulic equipment and equipment, various jigs Machining of small to large items, sheet metal processing (Various welding Aluminum, stainless steel)
Office equipment Production management LAN system
Order to order Outside the prefecture / 47 companies
Vendor Materials / 15 companies
Purchased items / 13 companies
Various processing / 13 companies
Painting / 5 companies
Processing / 25 companies