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We understand the time it takes when shopping around for a manufacturer and getting estimates. We are simplified this process for you with our semi-custom order products. Estimates are easy to obtainon our website, and since we reduce design costs and time with our customizable standard models, we can offer you lower PRICES.

Reasons for choosing our semi-custom order type vacuum tank

  • Fast delivery time, and the best welding quality
  • Designs are not required, so we reduce your design cost
  • We can manufacture the vacuum tanks with connection parts at any location, according to your specifications.

Our main customers

※Listed in Japanese phonetic order

Company / Trading company
・Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd.
・Calsonic Kansei Corporation
・CKD Corporation
・Diamond Electric Mfg.Co.,Ltd.
・Hitachi, Ltd.
・Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.
・Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
・Hitachi High-Tech Materials Corporation
・Itano Corporation
・JEOL Active Co., Ltd.
・JEOL Technics Co., Ltd.
・JUKI Corporation
・KYOCERA Corporation
・Mikuni Corporation
・Nabtesco Corporation
・Nidec Copal Electronics Corp.
・Nidec Tosok Corporation
・Nihon Denkei Co., Ltd.
・Orion Machinery Co., Ltd.
・Sanwa Screen Co., Ltd.
・Seiko Epson Corporation
・Sharp Manufacturing Systems Corporation
・Shibaura Precision Co., Ltd.
・Shibaura Mechatronics Corporation
・Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.
・SII Nanotechnology Co., Ltd.
・Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.
・SMC Corporation
・Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.
・Tohmei Industry Co., Ltd.
・Topre Corporation
・Toshiba Corporation
・Toshiba Industrial Products and Systems Corporation
・TS Mechatech Co., Ltd.
・Valqua Seiki Co., Ltd.
・Yamatake Microdevice Center Co., Ltd.

Universities and research facilities

・Akita University Graduate School
・Chiba University
・Chiba Institute of Technology
・Fukushima National College of Technology
・Hiroshima University
・Hokuriku Vocational Ability Development College
・Hokkaido University
・Hosei University
・Kanazawa University
・Keio University Faculty of Science and Technology
・Kinki University
・Kyoto University
・Kyoto University of Education
・Nagoya Institute of Industrial Science
・Nagoya Institute of Technology Graduate School
・Nagoya University
・National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
・Optical Industry Creation Graduate University
・Osaka University
・Ritsumeikan University
・Shizuoka University
・The University of Tokyo
・The University of Tokyo Graduate School
・Tokai University
・Tokyo Institute of Technology
・Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate School
・Toyohashi University of Technology
・Toyota Central Research Laboratory
・University of the Ryukyus
・Waseda University
・Yokohama National University Graduate School
・Yosano Regional Research Institute