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Many of our customers had trouble deciding on a vacuum tank design; size were not standardized, designing was difficult, it was hard to arrange, etc. We solved these problems with our semi-custom order vacuum tanks. Our customers often say that our semi-custom order are not only convenient but reasonable.

Customer Feedback

  • "Considering that the inclusive designing lowered the cost and shortened the overall production time, we are satisfied."
  • "We decided on AKADA because they were able to match our specs and conditions, and do it at a comparatively cheaper price."
  • "We were happy they could accommodate our short time frame."
  • "We could chose the appropriate size tank for our needs."
  • "AKADA was able to meet our requested price and shape. They also met our inspection standard."
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¥51,120 ¥61,720 ¥102,170


The features of this semi-custom order type vacuum tank are

①It is a semi-standard product, and you simply need to specify the typical dimensions and no design is required. As a result, you can order a semi-customized product as easily as purchasing a standard item.

②A wide range of options can be easily selected simply by specifying the type and number, such as the mounting port.

③Because parts are standardized and stocked, you can buy at one low cost.

However, there is some anxiety about cost. Therefore, we have made the unit price open on our website.
You can trust that there will be no variation in the quotation due to the automatic quotation software.
In addition, delivery results and delivery amounts are also posted.

First of all, please give our automatic estimate feature a try.
If you require something more customized, you can email, call or fax.
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