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Vacuum Chambers



【Downloading】 (pdf file: 792KB)

The prices listed in the catalog are for non-customized products only.
Packing and Shipping costs will be charged separately. For more details please contact our staff.

【Application of vacuum chamber】

It can be used for automation equipment such as

  • Semiconductor dedicated equipment
  • Liquid crystal manufacturing equipment
  • Other dedicated equipment using a vacuum

【Semi-custom order vacuum chamber advantages 】

  • Vacuum chamber design is not required, just specify the dimensions that meets your requirements.
  • Since the design time is not required, the production time of the vacuum chamber can be significantly reduced.
  • If you contact us, we will provide a quote on the next business day.
  • By eliminating the need for post-order management in the design of the vacuum chambers, we save time in the design process and therefore reduce the overall cost for our customers.
  • We will fill even single orders.

【Specifications of vacuum chamber】

  • Cover: A5052
  • Case section: KN500 (A5052 equivalent)
  • O-ring: V430 (O-ring is included)
  • The surface finish of the inside of the vacuum chamber is very smooth even if it is not hand finished.