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AKADA INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of vacuum chambers.

Our Customized Vacuum Chambers

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Our mission is to achieve customer satisfaction with semi-custom vacuum parts.


Component parts of vacuum equipment have not been standardized for some time.
Different shapes and styles by various designers for the same functions result in discrepancies in delivery date and prices.
Therefore, we focus on standardizing similar parts and semi-customizing them in order to make small lot orders possible for our customers' convenience.
In particular, we have earned a excellent reputation from customers for products we have developed utilizing short design cycles, simple ordering, and pricing.
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Product list

Vacuum Tanks

Cylindrical Vacuum Chambers

Semi-custom model / 4 types / Minimum 101.6 mm (diameter) x 6000mm (length) / Best seller / Reduced design time.

Vacuum Chambers

Vacuum Chambers

Semi-custom model / Simple ordering of milled aluminum up to 580 (length) x 580 (width) x 320 (height)



Semi-custom model / 6 types / Material: SS and SUS / Maximum 6500 x 250 x 1500 / Machine processing on the upper surface is done after welding

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