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【New product】 Large Cylindrical Vacuum Chamber


【Features of Large Cylindrical Vacuum Chamber

  • The catalog model is up to Φ406.4, but we also manufacture tanks up to Φ1,500 and up to L3000.
  • Maximum capacity is 1000ℓ
  • This specification is an example
    size Φ1000 × 1882
    Mounting parts JIS vacuum flange VG250
    JIS vacuum flange VG50
    NW flange NW16 × L50
    Drain socket Rc1

【Features of semi-custom order Vacuum Tanks】

  • It is a semi-standard product, and you simply need to specify the typical dimensions and no design is required.
    As a result, you can order a semi-customized product as easily as purchasing a standard item.
  • A wide range of options can be easily selected simply by specifying the type and number of mounting ports and so on.
  • Because parts are standardized and stocked, you can buy at one low cost.

【Advantages of semi-custom order】

  • Easily Customizable ... You can freely and easily customize our standard products with a variety of options.
  • Fast Production ... From design to production, we deliver products faster than our competitors.
  • Order Flexibility ... We can fill orders from one unit and up.
  • Quick and Reliable Estimates ... Our prices and estimates for our standard products are easily obtained from our website.

Application of semi-custom order type Cylindrical vacuum chambers

  • Vacuum adsorption
  • Vacuum drying
  • Vacuum impregnation
  • Vacuum defoaming

Can be used as a reservoir tank or buffer tank.