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【New product】Large-Square Vacuum Chamber


Features of Large-Square Vacuum Chamber

  • We will propose to customers thinking about volume.
  • However, the cost and weight increase compared to the round type.
  • Steel-SS400 and Stainless Steel-SUS304 are the standard materials, Steel-SS400 is the outer surface coating (internal black skin), and Stainless Steel-SUS304 is the inner and outer surface material skin.
  • With ribs, the maximum size is up to □ 1000mm.
  • Delivery examples (specifications)
    size 764 × 764 × 1100
    Mounting parts NW flange NW50-L50
    JIS vacuum flange VG200
    Gauge port GP15
    Viewing port

Features of semi-order type vacuum tank

  • This is a semi-standard product, and it is not necessary to design by simply indicating the representative dimensions.
    As a result, designers can make arrangements from the image of a product to a purchased product.
  • A wide variety of options can be easily selected by simply specifying the type and number of mounting holes.
  • Since materials are standardized and stocked, you can purchase just one at a low price.

Merit of semi-order

  • Reduction of design effort → Man-hours and design costs can be reduced.
  • Easy to estimate on the web → Easy to manage estimates
  • Reduction of purchased parts → Reduction of management man-hours Reduction of purchased parts
  • Reduce labor costs for design and purchasing

【Semi-custom order type Square Vacuum Chamber Applications】

  • Vacuum adsorption
  • Vacuum drying
  • Vacuum impregnation
  • Vacuum defoaming

Can be used as a reservoir tank or buffer tank.