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【New product】 Stainless Steel square vacuum chamber (hinge open / close type)


Features of Stainless steel - SUS304- square vacuum chamber (hinge open / close type)

  • A chamber that opens and closes the door with a hinge and an airtight lever.
  • A chamber with short door opening and closing time and good workability.
  • The door can be installed on the side or top.
  • The connection flange supports JIS, NW (KF), ICF, and taper sockets.
  • The assembly parts correspond to vacuum gauges, vacuum valves, observation windows (round and square), various introduction terminals, leak ports, etc.
  • Delivery examples (specifications)
    size 250 × 297 × 325
    Mounting parts 6 viewing ports
    Current introduction terminal
    Bourdon tube vacuum gauge
    Airtight hinge
    Airtight lever
    Gauge port
    Leak port

Application of vacuum chamber

  • Semiconductor equipment
  • LCD manufacturing equipment
  • Other dedicated equipment using vacuum

【Semi-customorder vacuum chamber advantages 】

  • Vacuum chamber design is not required, just specify the dimensions that meets your requirements.
  • Since the design time is not required, the production time of the vacuum chamber can be significantly reduced.
  • If you contact us, we will provide a quote on the next business day.
  • By eliminating the need for post-order management in the design of the vacuum chambers, we save time in the design process and therefore reduce the overall cost for our customers.
  • We will fill even single orders.