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Open-able Cylindrical Vacuum Chamber [VL-VF]

Openable vacuum tank [VL-VF]

VL-VF is a vertical large capacity flange type semi-order type cylindrical vacuum chamber.


Openable vacuum tank [VL-VF]

  • Vacuum adsorption
  • Vacuum drying
  • Vacuum impregnation
  • Vacuum defoaming

It is used as a reservoir tank and buffer tank for various devices.


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【Vertical Cylindrical Vacuum Chamber with Flange type VL-VF dimensions】

Vacuum tank VL-VF type dimensions

【VL-VF Semi-orderable dimensions】

Pipe outer diameter
Pipe length
318.5 Customer specified dimensions Customer specified dimensions
  • Pipe length (L) can be specified by customer.
  • The socket and flange positions can be specified as desired.
  • The connection port socket and various flanges option Please specify from.
  • Except for pipe diameters, all special specifications are supported.
  • The material is Stainless Steel SUS 304TPA, SUS304 2B
  • Gauge port, peep window, etc as an option.
  • All products will be leak tested. For sockets, submersion inspection, and for NW flanges, inspection with a helium leak detector.

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